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The English Track (English Reader Book)

The English Track is a series of 1-5 books of English Reader designed to address the demand for learning English as a language for Academic & Communication needs.


Product Description

The English Track (English Reader Book)

Author: Irshad Ahmad Sheikh

Book Description:

This book offers practical learning to foster 21st century life skill like- communication, creativity, vocabulary practice, writing practice, reading skill, grammar practice, self – awareness , critical – thinking, environment awareness. It is enriched with assessments & embedded digital component ; E-book, Test generator for teachers & Answer Key. This course aims to help the learner through personalized learning constructs and also through peer learning. The learners are encouraged to work in pair or groups and create his/her own experiences. In addition, the series take on a theme- based approach which pans today’s life, topic and issues, which make it extremely relevant for the learner.The comprehension section that follow the reading text aims to address various skill of reading. The vocabulary and grammar sections focus on the functional usage of the language, while addressing the syllabus requirements. The writing section at the end of each chapter aims to develop the creative skills of the child while ensuring that all necessary formats and genres of writing are introduced as per syllabus requirements.

Content Inside:

* Poems
* Integrated Supplementary Activities
* Informative & Fun Learning
* Activity
* Assessments
* Project Work
* Stories
* Drama\ plays
* Graded Exercise

: Test Generator for Teachers , E-Book & Answer Key available on our app.