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Elements of Science (A Text Book of Science)

Elements of Science is a series of 8 books of Science for class1-8 developed with aim of linking science with everyday life of students & making learning a fun – filled experience.


Product Description

Elements of Science (A Text Book of Science)

Author: Ms. Priya Goel Jalan

Book Description:
This series is based on NEP2020, follows an activity oriented thematic approach.It provide a rich range of exercises and activities for each class. Exercises are categories as; Art Integration, Subject Enrichment, Experimental Learning, Computational Thinking, Critical Thinking,Collaboration, Technology Use, Discussion General Knowledge, Play – based learning,Self-assessment, Inquiry- based learning and Confidence building exercise.

Content Inside:
* Learning Objectives
* You Know Now
* Warm Up
* Test Yourself
* Did You Know?
* Key-Words
* Life skills
* Oral Quizzer
* Group Activity
* Project Work
* Science Olympiad
* Teacher’s Note
* Model Test Papers
* NCERT Exercises
* Learn with fun Exercises

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