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Figure & Formula (A Text Book of Mathematics )

Figure & Formula is a series of 1-5 books of Mathematics designed with the different concepts well connected in a graded manner.


Product Description

Figure & Formula (A Text Book of Mathematics)

Author: Abdul Aziz Thakoo & Anchal Singh

Book Description:

This series is updated with new method of solving sum quickly & easily. It is exercised based book with verified questions for class 1&2, student can practice sums itself in the book,no need to carry notebook; which also reduces the burden of bag. Their is concept of Vedic Maths, Appropriate number of exercise as per NEP guidelines, Clear instruction given step by step for each concept with examples, Graded exercises, HOTS, Fun time exercise, Revision exercise , Mental maths and Maths lab activity,Model test papers and Answer key.

Content Inside:
* Let’s Recall
* Graded and Verified Exercise
* Remember box
* Fun Learning Exercise
* Revision Exercise
* Mental Maths
* Maths Lab Activity
* Model Test Papers

FOR DIGITAL SUPPORT: E-Book & Answer Key available on our app.