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Grammar On! (English Grammar Book)

Book Description:
Grammar books have been written to teach children the basic rules of English language. Our book is designed from basic to difficult grammar concepts.


Product Description

Grammar On! (English Grammar Book)

Author: Dr. Shaleen Sharma

Grammar On! is a series of 1-8 books of English Grammar knowing the
basic rules of a language which is very important in learning the English
language. As we know purpose of language learning is to improve the
speaking, writing & reading skills with good base of vocabulary & correct

Content Inside:
*It is systematically divided.Illustration & pictures make book more attractive.
*Easy language has been used.
*Their is reading & writing comprehension which help children to read and think.
*In the end their is picture composition which help student to think & makeup story out of it.
*Grammar Practice Set is given in between and in the last.
*Self- doing exercise are given for self evaluation.
*Each lesson covers a single grammar concept supported by many examples.

FOR DIGITAL SUPPORT : Test Generator for Teachers , E-Book & Answer Key available on our app.