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Scan (A Text Book of Computer)

Scan a series of 8 books of computer has been made child- friendly using lots of interesting illustration and examples. These days, using computer is a basic need , and this book helps children understand the basic concepts of computer and its applications.


Product Description

Scan (A Text Book of Computer)

Author- S.L.Arora

Book Description:

This computer series is based on NEP, with fresh, cutting- edge ideas including Windows11,2020 with MS-Office2021 , Artificial Intelligence(AI), Python & Robotics.

Content Inside:
* Basic fundamental lessons
* MS-Office learning lesson
* Introduction to Operating System
* Windows11,2020
* About Internet
* Practice questions after every chapter
* Sample papers and National Cyber Olympiad
* Lab-Activity given at the end of the chapter

FOR DIGITAL SUPPORT: Test Generator for Teachers , E-Book & Answer Key available on our app.